Shipping and return policies for Castbound

Shipping Info
(1) The delivery will be shipped within three weeks at the latest. Normally, goods are shipped within a few days. Delivery times and terms of delivery shall only be binding insofar as Spreadshirt has expressly agreed to such in writing. Typical, delivery times are 2-4 days, but can take up to 2-3 weeks in certain circumstances. (2) Delivery is available to the United States and Canada. More information can be found at (3) Delivery shall be conducted by a shipment service provider chosen by Spreadshirt. The customer has to pay standard shipping costs which may depend on order value, and where the order is shipped to. Current shipping prices can be viewed at
Return Policy
Spreadshirt`s Fair return Policy

Every ordered product at Spreadshirt is a unique article created just for you.
That`s the difference between us and regular mail order companies. Returned goods cannot be resold and are thrown away or donated.


* If we make a mistake (e.g. printing error), we will take back the article and refund your money.
Or we will send you a new accurately-printed shirt.

* However, because we want you to be satisfied with our service and make you feel comfortable about using Spreadshirt, we will usually also take shirts back that do not fit or that you simply do not like for whatever reason.

But in order for us to keep this promise, you have to help us (and here is the small print, displayed big)

1. Do not create bulk orders without doing a test run first

If you are unsure about size, cut, colour or printing technique - make a test order! Returns because you "don`t like it" just apply to single shirts, not to bulk orders.

2. Check your order confirmation e-mail immediately!

If you have a typo in your print or chose the wrong design by mistake, follow the link in your order confirmation e-mail and cancel your order immediately. Afterwards, make sure to send an e-mail to our customer service at and request the changes you want made. We can then alter your order and re-activate it.

3. Please order in advance if you need a shirt on a certain day.

We might be quick but we cannot guarantee that your order will be at your place the day after tomorrow. Sometimes there are problems with the design, sometimes shirts are out of stock and sometimes the post may take an extra day to be delivered. So, if your order is not at your grandmother`s birthday within two days that`s not a reason to return the shirt. Sorry!